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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Too Many Things to Think About


Last night I don't think I fell asleep until around 1 am. I just had too many things to think about. And my eyes were too tired to read. And I was too distracted to watch tv. I just wanted to sit and think. So I did. My new blog is done in my head. It is super cute. Now to only get someone to put my ideas onto the web. I can't wait to show you guys at the big unveiling, when I have some free time to put this together.

I took Butterfly to preschool at Lolli's house today. I stayed and played with the boys in the basement (new toys! balls! cars!) while she made kites with the kids. It's K week for preschool. The kites were really cute. But I sat and wrote everything down on a random pad of paper she had. I drew pictures (big for me), colored it and everything. I wish I had some website design skills because I would love to do it myself. I talked to a few guys today about designing it and they cost a whole lot more than I want to spend. So I'll take the few free moments I have in the day and keep searching. I'd love to have this up and running by May.

Other things occupying my brain space: things I need to do on the Internet. Because I've been doing some research for my brother, I have had zero free time on the Internet. But there is so much I want to search and do there. It's pathetic that I have an online agenda.

There also the every day stuff. You know, meal planning, schedule keeping, etc. I have a few big phone calls to make that are looming and I've been putting them off. My poor house has taken the brunt of the thinking and I haven't cleaned it in awhile. How long is awhile? Let's just say that Juice cleaned the toilets last night right before bed around 11pm. He couldn't take it anymore. We've all run out of clean clothes. Maybe I can at least catch up tomorrow morning.

Speaking of mornings, I woke up wide awake at 6am this morning. Just thinking. I will probably be doing a lot of that in the near future.


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