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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Butterfly's Dance Class


Last week was Butterfly's last dance class for the season. I decided not to do it for the last session. Why? Because that is the session that they are preparing for their recital. They will pick out their little costumes and learn a little routine to do. It would have been so cute! Sadly, we are going to be in Utah during the recital. I didn't want her to go through picking out the costume, learning the steps, and getting all excited to tell her she can't do it. I don't think that would have gone over very well.
So. She's not taking dance class any more. But she will start swimming here in about 2 weeks. That should be fun!
The parents were asked to come in and watch this time and I took a bunch of videos. They practiced leaping over a bean bag and after every leap, she turned and mouthed to me, "Did you take a picture?!" So I have a ton of videos of her leaping.

Here she is talking to me instead of paying attention. I think her teacher had to tell her 4 times to pay attention. I am a big distraction, apparently.

She had a really good time with it. Even with her saying every single week that she didn't want to go. She always enjoyed seeing her little friend G. And hopefully, G will be joining us for swim lessons!
I think Butterfly would love to have a friend there with her. In fact, we missed them so much on Monday that we spent today day playing at their house. Can you believe these girls are only a week apart?


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  1. She's pretty hilarious! She reminds me of my oldest at the same age. She was always asking if I was filming her (and she had twin little siblings too!)


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