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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Give Me Your Best Shot- Hospital take 2


This week for my friend Lolli's Give Me Your Best Shot meme, I thought I'd do the best shot that I took on my little camera. In total, I think I have 3 cameras. My nice big one, my old point and shoot (which groans sadly whenever you turn it on) and my little underwater camera. I just keep the little underwater camera in my coat pocket and take pictures when I can. It's also the main camera I use in the summer near water and in the winter near snow. I like it. It's also the camera I take all the videos on until I save up for a flip camera (I've gotten almost 100 dollars at Amazon. For free! Earned by doing normal internet searches from Swagbucks. Sign up and you and I will both benefit!)

Now, I maybe upload the pictures on there once a month unless there's a video I want to show off. This past download included a few pictures I took of Pirate in the hospital waiting room (before we went to the triage of eternal waiting) and a video of him playing. It also included this picture:

Here is my brave boy about half an hour after his surgery. He still looks a little drugged. But he was smiling just a little bit. Notice his beloved blanket (which had to be washed today, the horror!) and his cute green pjs for St. Patrick's day.

Any cool pictures you've done this week? Link up!

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  1. He looks pretty calm and happy for such a short time after surgery! Cute shot of Pirate!

  2. I just sat with a friend this week while she waited for her hubby in surgery. That is a cute shot of him! Looks like a great quilt. :)


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