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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Things We Do for Fun on Saturday


Today was a big day.  We had lots going on.  But isn't that always the case for a Saturday?

We started the day of splendidly by going to bed after midnight last night.  Juice is building a bridge and I was doing that work for my brother.  Yes, Juice is building a bridge.  Technically it's a truss.  He's explained it all out to me and I nodded in the appropriate places.  :)

Also today I took another big step with my new blog.  It should be coming up by mid-May (or sooner!) so be on the look out for updates with that.  I am so excited to have a permanent place online.  You guys will come and see me over there, right?  Especially since once I do move, I'm not going to update this blog again.

We got all dressed up in our pjs and headed over to our favorite ice cream place for PJ day.  We all got free ice cream (even the dog) and chatted with several of our friends that were there.

Juice had a meeting at church tonight and I fed the kids nachos and applesauce for dinner.  Everyone also got a bath.  Pirate no longer smells like the hospital.  I'm sure he feels better too!

Once Juice got back, it was time for me to run to the store.  We have had no breakfast stuff for about 3 days now.  We ran out of cereal, oatmeal, eggs, everything.  A quick trip and now we are set to eat breakfast again!

The rest of the night has been spent making a bridge (Juice) and working (me) and listening to Professor cry because he can't breath.  Yes, we are all coming down with lovely colds and I'm so excited for the summer and no sicknesses!

Now it's late and I should sleep.



  1. Are you planning on putting that bridge on the blog? It sounds like quite a project, I am interested in seeing how he build the re-enforcements.

  2. It's allergies at my house. I'm trying to stay out of the lovely spring weather for the first two weeks so my allergies aren't so bad this year.

    I also tried to peak at your wordpress blog by guessing the site. (yes, I realize it's not up yet) I ended up on a page dedicated to facts about Maryland..hehehe

  3. @Chaoyi- Sure, if you want. I'll take a picture of it.

    @Splats- Spring has sprung here so it could be allergies. I don't have them so I'm not sure. Juice only gets them here when the trees flower and they haven't started that yet. As for my new blog, it's TOTALLY different. New name and everything. Hope you enjoyed learning a little more about Maryland though. :)

  4. Wasn't the free ice cream great?! Sad that we didn't end up there at the same time. Actually the saddest part was that apparently K. left her camera there. It's GONE.

  5. I totally forgot about the ice cream thing, I was planning on going. I am glad to hear the surgery went okay, I hope he is doing better :)


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