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Monday, March 16, 2009

Another Broken Leg?


At times, our house is very full. Full of loud fun noises, not so fun noises, and running/crawling children and dogs. It's chaos shoved into about 1300 square feet, but I love it so much.

Today everyone except me was racing through the house. Willow the puppy was first, with Soot the dog very close behind. Then Butterfly, Professor, and Pirate. Everyone was in high spirits and moving as fast as they were able to. Soot veered from the path Willow was taking and jumped up on the back of the couch. It's her favorite place to sit. Willow decided she would join her. She raced from one end of our living room to the couch, leaped up to the seats, and bounced up to the top of the couch. Where she proceeded to bounce over the couch and land in a heap on the other side. I don't think she realized that it didn't just keep going.

I thought it was pretty funny, until I heard her yowling. Uh-oh. She comes limping out from behind the couch, refusing to use her back right leg. What is it with these back right legs and my house?! She got a little better through out the day but was still limping pretty bad by the time her owner came to get her. I don't think it's broken because she doesn't seem to mind me running my hands all over it, but it's definitely hurt.

Poor Willow. I hope she feels better soon.

In other news, I spent the afternoon talking to my BFF Mink in Utah. I miss her so much sometimes. We talk probably every 2 weeks or so and it's the highlight of my week often. She and I have known each other since 8th grade. We had 5 of 7 classes together in 9th grade, and sat next to each other in all of them. We were lab partners in biology and dissected a frog, a shark (with 6 pups in it!) and did our bug collection together. Ahh...that bug collection was the bane of our biology class. It was awful. Mostly because we pinned them to the board the night before and turned them in...still moving. Yuck! We learned french together, dated boys in high school together, and I think I introduced her to her husband. (Whom she also dated in high school.) We got married within months of each other and had pretty close in age. We both like horses and reading and have similar parenting philosophies.

I'm excited to see her and her 2 kiddos in June when I go to Utah. I'm excited to see all sorts of people in Utah in June. Should be fun!



  1. I was so scared that you were going to say one of the kids had broken another leg. Oh boy! I hope Willow is ok. Poor thing! K is coming tomorrow for sure!

  2. holy cow! I almost fell over when isaw the title to this post! You guys need to be extra super duper careful! I hope willow is okay! AH! How sad!

  3. Poor Willow -- but I'm glad it wasn't one of the kids!! Slow it down guys!! ;)

  4. Hey Saf - I just caught up and read about a week's worth of your posts! So much to say ...

    - Is your MOM club part of NOMOTC? Do you get "The Notebook" newsletter? That is one great big sale you guys got goin' on!

    - I read the Poisonwood Bible years ago and loved it. I tried to get the Book Club I'm in to read it - but they passed. Bummer!

    - We have a similar museum here in NJ like you took your kids to. We went a few weeks ago and the girls went nuts! It was so nice to see them explore everything. Love your pic of Butterfly climbing in the rope tunnel.

    I'm sure there is more for me to say - but I have about a 5 second window to eat something right now and I'm taking it! :)

  5. Aww, poor Willow!

    Fun catching up with an old friend though!


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