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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nice Day For A Birthday!


What a beautiful day we had today. The sun was shining, the clouds were high and white and the world is a bright spring green from all the rain. I was noticing on Sunday during a break in our showers that the grass and trees and everything seems to have a green tinge to it. I think spring is my favorite season in Maryland. It is so gorgeous and I feel like I have green glasses on all the time. Plus, I do love getting out of the house without so much "equipment" to wear. I am looking forward to the days of sandals without socks and no coats!

Today is Juice's 30th birthday. I've seen him for about an hour total today. Work (obviously) was first and then he came home for dinner and left to go help out a good friend painting her house. I am happy to have him help her out and we've already celebrated his birthday several times now.

We did have some left over ice cream cake today and sang to him before he left. Butterfly even blew out his candle for him but cried when he licked the frosting off and not her.

The kids and I spent our day at the park with friends. Boy those kids ran and ran and ran. We wore out both dogs and the babies sat in their strollers and ate. It was so nice to feel the sun on our faces and breath the fresh air. I came home and opened all the windows. Did I mention how much I enjoy spring?

Happy Birthday darling! Can't wait to see what this decade brings us!



  1. Spring is definitely my favorite time of the year here! Thanks for a fun day!

  2. Happy Birthday to Juice! I caught up on your posts and you have had a busy couple of days. I used to work at a YMCA in college and I remember being there at 3am to WORK on registration days. Ugh.

    I'm glad you got tickets to the White House Egg Roll - but bummer you couldn't get enough. Take lots of pics!


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