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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sale Time!


It's that time of year! My Moms of Multiples group is getting ready for their spring sale. I am very excited to go this year! I decided that I would volunteer 4 hours of my time and then I could go in at 7am, instead of 8:30am. I don't have a 4 hour block I can do together, but I can do 2 hours together. This year I am helping to set up the sale the night before (honestly so I can scope out what I want to get more than to help, but I think everyone there does that). The other 2 hours I spent today, papering cars with our flyer at the local kids stores in town.

Remember what I got last year
? And check out these pictures of last year's sale. This is a totally awesome sale and I'm really hoping to get the word out to everyone. Not only to help out my other Multiple Moms, but for everyone else too. Babies go through so much stuff so fast. This is a great way to stretch that budget! It's $2 for non-members and everything is half price from 11:30-12:30pm. I am going at 7am this year but I would be happy to stay and help my local gals shop! (Tell me what you are looking for...I've got a running list and I can tell you on Friday if they have what you want. This means you Anie and Melissa and Candis and Kathy!)

This year I am looking for the following for the boys:
more soft soled shoes
8 pairs of shorts (I have 8 shirts from friends' kids)
3 or 7 one piece outfits (I loved these on Butterfly and I have an odd number)
4 or 6 pjs

for Butterfly:
2 play dresses (one blue, one pink per her request)
6 shorts
6 shirts
4 pjs

It seems odd that I don't need a whole lot (a huge thank you shout out to Lolli and everyone who gave me their baby boy clothes...it's been a huge help!) but I guess you don't need a whole lot for summer. Winter has so many more accessories. This year I'll spend my saved money on trips to the pool and sunscreen instead.

I'm also going to check out the awesome toy section they have and see what I can come up with. I'd love some more Little People for the kids, since that is what they play with the most. Also, new books will be a welcome change for our daily reading. Also, I'd love to see if they have any travel gear for our big trip in June.

Other things I'll get but refuse to buy used are swimsuits for Butterfly (the boys already have 4!), specific Sunday clothes that Butterfly requested and I'm getting stuff for the boys to match...they are going to hate me when they are older!, and sandals for Butterfly. I already have sun hats for everyone and a few things I bought on clearance last year.

So, to recap. Go to the Sale! Click HERE for all the ins and outs.



  1. Sounds like a dream sale! All of my kids' pants have holes in them. Thank goodness it's almost shorts season!

  2. I love types of sale! Leïla loves little people too -- just a couple weeks ago I picked up the school bus from a garage sale and she hasn't let go of it since! Have fun!

  3. Anonymous12:31 PM

    First of all, your children are just darling! Secondly, thanks for stopping by my blog recently and for entering my giveaway. I've posted the winner so come check it out! Lastly, where is your MOM sale being held and when? I'm in the Annapolis area and would love to attend. Thanks so much!

  4. I'm thinking!!! I don't have anything specific that I want right now!!! I just want to look at everything!!!!! Crossing my fingers for some GREAT finds!!


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