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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sick, Again!


The kids are sick again. Both boys have horrible runny noses and Butterfly has a horrible cough. I feel like we are just bouncing from sickness to sickness here. Although, Juice pointed out that that month we had the cast, everyone was perfectly healthy. I hate to have to lysol the house every time we go out but I hate having sick kids too.

Sad thing is, this time Juice and I are getting it. I hope it goes by fast. It's the pits to be a sick mommy.

Today, before the cold really hit everyone, we were able to go over to my good friend Lolli's house and get some pictures taken! Technically they are supposed to be for their 9 month old shot but we are a few months behind. Pirate broke his leg before we were got around to taking the pictures and then I wanted to wait until he had his cast off to do it. Well, 2 months later, we got them done! So look for a picture post in the future.

Speaking of procrastination, I just barely sent out for the boys' birth certificates. Amazingly enough, the paper they gave us to fill out in the hospital is still in existence and I knew where it was. It's a little wrinkled but still legible. It's going out in the mail tomorrow since I finally got a copy of my driver's licence.

Butterfly, and the boys for that matter, have been extra needy. Pirate was up all night this time...and now Butterfly is sobbing so I better go.

Until tomorrow!


  1. I have to go get the official copy of George's birth certificate for her to go to school. I've never needed it and the trek to the icky health dept isn't something I look forward to! Now THAT is procrastination.

  2. awwww....I'm sorry your kids are sick. Get better before Juice Day!

  3. So sorry that everyone is sick - again! I think that "the sick" is giving us all one last shot as a revenge for Spring coming. Hope they feel better soon. :)

    (Good for you on the birth certificates - did you remember to do it after I said I JUST got them - almost three years later! haha!)

  4. Dang, you guys have had MORE than your share of illness this year! Here's hoping this might be the last of it!

    What's the deal with the birth certificates? We got some weird postcard in the mail that didn't make much sense. Will we ever get a free one, or do we have to pay?


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