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Monday, March 02, 2009

What Would You Do?


Juice and I watched the snow start to fall late last night. We woke up to a veritable blizzard. Well, what one would call a blizzard here in Maryland. The snow was powder...fine and dry and a skiers dream. Utah snow. I had forgotten when you shoveled it wouldn't go where you tossed it. It just blew wherever it wanted to.

I woke up to Butterfly yelling out her window, "Wave at me Daddy! Wave at me!" I figured Juice was taking out the garbage and sighed because the boys were up only an hour ago and I was tired. "I want to shovel! Don't shovel all of it without me!" Oh, right. I jump up, throw clothes on her, get her outside and then go deal with my boys who are screaming because they know I'm up and not getting them. After I got them up and dressed, Butterfly and Juice came back inside with bright red cheeks.

"I want hot chocolate for breakfast!" Everything Butterfly says has an exclamation point after it. Even when she whispers. I arrange for Butterfly to go play with AJ at Lolli's house during our doctor visit, and put the boys down for their naps.

Juice decides to work from home today, and mentions we should probably call the doctor and see if his office is running late.

I do. It's closed.

I get it. It's for the safety of everyone involved. But I'm annoyed. People of Maryland, you have not seen snow until you've seen it drift 7 feet high and your car can't drive through it because it's taller than your headlights. I'm just saying...

So what would you do on a snow day the day after you take off your cast for a broken leg?

We went sledding.

The boys were cranky. It was their nap time. But I was determined to have pictures of them in the snow like I have pictures of Butterfly in the snow.

Didn't quite work out the way I wanted to because Pirate is so tired he is crying and all Professor wanted to do was eat the snow. He was not happy with the snow after he stuck his face in it. We spent about 15 minutes outside and then I came back in with them. Juice and Butterfly got to stay out for over an hour playing and I have to admit, I'm a little jealous. We rarely get snow here and I love to make the most of it when we do. But today, I couldn't. Next year we'll hopefully be able to stay out longer.

I get to call the office at 8am tomorrow and reset up Pirate's appointment. I hope it's soon. I'd really like to know if his leg is healed or not.


PS- I've had a lot of questions why we took the cast off ourselves. The doctor told me specifically 2 times to take it off the night before. Even after I questioned him about it, he said he wanted to spare Pirate the saw and to see what kind of muscle deterioration he has. We did not just get tired of it and take it off. We were told to. But I won't do it next time. It was too much of a hassle. So if anyone is googling my blog for spica casts in infants, don't take it off yourself! The saw would last 10 minutes! This lasted 2 hours. Although he had a great time in the tub while it was going on.

PPS- Happy Birthday Bro!


  1. Let me know when the new appt is, and hopefully we can have Butterfly over then! We missed her!

    We (I) didn't last very long outside either.

  2. Fun, I'm so jealous! Our snow was very wet and as you know lasted 15 minutes. I miss snow, well let's be real - I miss weather in general.

  3. Good luck with the doctor - I hope you get an early appointment.

    With regards to a snow day - my brother lived in Vermont for about 10 years and just moved back to NJ. He is amazed when we have a snowday for 8 inches of snow! I think he is of your frame of mind - he says we have no idea what a real snowstorm is like!

    We took the girls outside yesterday, too - and Andy and both girls lasted way longer than me. I posted a few pics on my blog. It looks like your three had a fun time - even if it was short!

  4. Why do daddies always get to do the fun stuff!! Great pictures in the snow!

  5. Yeah! Thanks for leaving me a sweet message. I love new blogger friends. It will be great to be able to keep up on your adorable little family.

  6. Anonymous12:50 AM

    Fun stuff! That first picture of you and Pirate sledding is too cute...a keeper.


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