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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Finally, A Doctor Visit


Early early this morning, we had our final visit with Doc B. We actually made it on time, despite rush hour traffic. As we were lead into the exam room, we kind of brought the whole office with us in a wake. They were so happy to see us. I was happy to be there because it officially ended the cast.

We put the boys down on the floor to play and immediately Pirate got himself up onto all fours and started rocking. "Awww...." says the whole office. They were all crowded around the door when Doc B came up.

"Hey, I can't afford to have you all standing around here!" He smiled. The whole office laughed and dispersed. He came up, took one look at Pirate up on his hands and knees and said, "Well, he's healed." I picked Pirate up and Doc B felt his leg for about .5 seconds and said, "Let's get an x-ray!"

At that point, about 3 x-ray techs come into the room (because the door was open and it seemed like they were waiting their turn outside). They oohed and aahed with Doc B and when the x-ray room was free, they took him in. (They also kicked me out of the room and told me to go get Juice. Something about a risk of pregnancy for me...yeah right!)

On the x-ray you can still kind of see the break. It's very faint. And Doc B said all the edges look defined. It will be gone in a week or so but he doesn't need anything else. We asked about the physical therapy and he said no. Babies bounce back so quickly and he's already starting to use the leg properly. In a week or so it should be as if he never had a cast.

One thing he did mention is that when a baby breaks a long bone like this one, sometimes the blood flow is interrupted. Rarely, one leg will grow longer or be shorter than the other one because of this. It's rare, but we need to keep an eye out for it.

We were sad, in a bitter sweet way, to leave Doc B. He was really great.

Today he has been moving his leg more and more. He even took a few crawling steps around dinner time! He also pulled himself up on his feet once. He's going to come through this with flying colors.



  1. So glad he is ok. We are sooo looking forward to seeing you. It will be a blast with all of the cousins there. It will also be crazy!!!!


  2. Yay! Glad it's over. ...Where's the pictures?

  3. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Hooray! :) He remembers what legs are for. What a happy day. Gma

  4. Yes - pictures, pictures, pictures! And yay for Pirate!

  5. Yeah! Glad that he is doing better! Oh, and yes, happy birthday to your brother. When are you coming to Utah?

  6. That's great! Glad to hear that all is well with the leg! I am sure he'll be crawling around and getting into things soon!

  7. Hooray!!! What is a crawling step?


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