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Monday, March 23, 2009

I Think I'm Tired


I am so tired I forgot to take out my contacts last night and slept the entire night with them in. So since I'm really tired, here's some thoughts in bullet form.

  • I have started taking calcium supplements and have noticed an increase in my milk supply.
  • I learned that some good friends of ours are splitting up and I'm very sad for them.
  • I walked to the post office to get everyone out and to mail my Netflix back.
  • I was feeling productive and got Butterfly's yearly video caught up to this month.
  • I even did some of Pirate's video...all the way to July.
  • I finalized plans for their birthday parties and ordered invitations.
  • I looked over my birthday present stash and have all presents for all kids. (Each kids gets 3, one from us, one from a brother, and one from a sister/brother.)
  • I should have known when the exercise video talked about endurance that I was in for a work out.
Off to bed!



  1. Sounds like a good tired to me! Good job on making progress on the videos!

  2. I wore contact for one whole day - the day I got married. I just did not want to be married in glasses and I am blind without them. I love my glasses though, I feel weird without them.

    When I was nursing I took this one herb to help - and I can't remember the name of it for the lift of me - but it totally worked.

    (And I think I know why you like it spelled with a "C". hehe)

  3. Poor tired momma -- I think you got things pretty much together!

  4. Congrats on being way ahead of the game!

    Quick question: Are you taking the calcium in addition to prenatal vitamins? (I'm looking for a good milk supply upper, too...)


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