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Friday, March 13, 2009

Food for the Children


They boys are seeming to eat solid food with a little more gusto than they have been in the past. Pirate is a really good eater. He opens his mouth, eats whatever I give him, and is generally happy. The only thing he doesn't do is pick up his cheerios or whatever finger food I have for him on his tray. He tries for a few times, misses his mouth every time, and then just stops trying all together.

Professor is on the other end of the spectrum. He loves his finger food. He generally grabs whole handfuls of the stuff and shoves it in his mouth as fast as he can get it. He eats every single Cheerio on his tray every single time. But he has decided spoon feeding is for babies. He will only agree to it if it's something he really likes. Otherwise he swats the spoon, flinging food everywhere. I really can't stand that. I think I end up saying no to him more often than I would like during meals. This could be why he has learned to shake his head 'no' and does it with gusto in his high chair.

Foods they have been eating lately:

Sweet potatoes, baked and then cut up
Small pieces of meat
Gerber Puffs
White Potatoes
Mac and Cheese

Their favorites are sweet potatoes and avocados and beans. I know every time I give them these, they will eat really really well. They tolerate things like pumpkin and white potatoes. But I have a bunch of frozen baby food so they'll eventually have to go through it. I have found that putting chunks into the purees I have will get them to eat more, as they are ready to chew their food and not just gum it down.

They are eating 3 meals a day. Mostly for breakfast I give them bananas covered in oatmeal or whatever they had the night before and didn't finish. Lunch is often bread with mac and cheese and peas and carrots. I know, they probably shouldn't have mac and cheese yet but it's so easy and they love it. I try to make lunch all finger foods so Pirate can get some practice and then I can also eat.

Dinner is whatever is closest in the freezer. I almost always put either barley or oatmeal in it, along with frozen veggie chunks or canned fruit pieces. They sometimes have what we are having too. Pirate is especially good at begging off my plate and loves to eat off of my fork.

They are still nursing 7-8 times a day. We've also been giving them sips of water from a sippy cup and they love that. I don't remember this with Butterfly, but I feel like I am feeding them all day long. If I'm not nursing them, I'm getting them in and out of their high chair and cleaning them up. Or I am making them (and Butterfly) something to eat. It's exhausting!


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  1. good for you to feed them healthy food ... how wonderful that they are too picky-
    I still can't believe the things you get out and do ... Port Discovery with twins babies and a toddler who'd want to roam the place a thousand times over, right? How do you do it? Wat to go! Some day they'll be old enough to tell you how much they appreciate all you did for them. Lucky kids!


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