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Friday, March 20, 2009

Busy Busy Day


This morning we were able to get to a St. Patrick's Day party with my play group at our friend's new house. It was beautiful and made me want to move to some place bigger. She has an amazing play room and bathtub...funny how those two things stick out in my mind.

We were the last to get there and the first to leave. This fact did not escape Butterfly's notice and she was royally put out. She has so much fun playing with those girls. We've known each other since the kids were around 8 weeks old so they have really grown up together.

Tonight I volunteered at the MCPOM sale helping everyone set everything up. I was in the boy clothes section and met a few other twin mommies, both with boys very close in age to mine! There are a TON of good deals at this sale. I am excited to be there early. Things I have my eye on: a travel bed for someone on The Ultimate Road Trip 2009, shoes for the boys, swim diapers, several Little People sets, and of course, clothes. The clothes I will go through during the sale but I had to scope out the toys before hand.

I got a cute red shirt that says, "Got Multiples?" on it. Next year I'm seriously considering being on the committee that organizes the sale. Why? Because you get to shop FRIDAY night. Might be worth all the time to do it!

I had to laugh when I pulled into the parking lot because it looked like a car dealership. And the only thing they were selling was VANS. Rows and rows of VANS. I took our little beater car (named Beau) and it seemed very out of place.

I'm off to bed now so I can be sure and be up by 6am. I've got to feed the boys before I go, and I want to leave the house by 6:30am so I can be sure to be there on time to shop at 7am. Wish me luck!



  1. I want to go to this sale so bad! Have a great time and I hope you get lots and lots of deals ... :)

  2. OK- so I've been thinking about you all day, knowing that you were over there working. I think I'm still confused about when we can shop. Was it tonight?!? I couldn't have made it tonight anyway, but it's open to the public tomorrow at 9am right!?!? You probably won't even get this before you leave bright and early in the morning but I'm feeling like I've already missed out and it's too late to get the GOOD STUFF!!! AHHHH... I should have called you earlier!!! I was thinking I should be on the look out for a double stroller, toys you can ride (Madi's become obsessed lately), etc. I actually have a list now! Is it too late? Will all the stuff be gone by 9am?!? Good luck to YOU though!!!! I'm SUPER excited to hear about all your great finds!!! These kids of things seriously make me so excited!! I LOVE DEALS!!! HAVE FUN!!!


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