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Monday, March 09, 2009

Being Mobile is Fraught with Peril


Pirate is learning that being mobile is not free from bumps and bruises. He is not very coordinated with his new found mobility. Today alone there have been a few significant falls. I'm going to highlight the funny, and the not so funny.

The Funny: He has a tendency to try and pull up on things by planting one hand on either side of the object and leaning forward. He is not going up as expected and falls forward faster, thereby face planting into whatever he was trying to pull up on. The trash can, Juice's leg, the couch (still not quite sure how he does this but it is hil.ar.ious.). He gets really frustrated because it happens over and over again. And I am a bad mother for laughing till I cry over it sometimes. Hey, we got to have some entertainment in our lives. Mine just happens to be him.

The Not So Funny: Every morning I shut off the stairs and let the boys explore our upstairs. Most of the time they are either spreading the books in Butterfly's room across the hall or they are in my room spreading the toys they have up there. Today, Pirate thought it would be fun to explore the bathroom. Normally I'm okay with that because mostly they just pull up on the bathtub and drum on it and talk to the toys in the bottom. Today, I heard a major thump and then the unmistakable sound of the bath toys moving. I sprinted into the bathroom to find Pirate in the tub happy as a clam. He more than likely fell in head first. This has scared me silly because the toilet is as tall as the tub and it's not inconceivable for him to go head first into the water! I have now instigated the rule that all bathrooms must be shut at all times.

He is pulling up on things but not putting all his weight on his right leg. He is normal crawling again and when he falls back into his cast crawl, he stops, puts himself on all fours, and continues. He is not as fast as Professor (yet) and likes to sit on his knees and look around.



  1. That is an awesome picture! I need your camera and lessons from you and maybe I can take great pictures too! I'm happy to hear he's recovering well, you should get the face plant into the couch on tape then we could all be entertained. :)

  2. Poor guy! Funny story about landing in the bathroom. I can see why you'd be a little scared about that one, though!


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