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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Treading Water


I think I go in cycles of being all okay with everything, and then I can't seem to get ANYTHING done. I feel like my days are so full but I also feel like I never do anything. Like today. I didn't get a shower until 5pm.

But looking back at the day I don't have anything to show for my time. It's not like I was busy baking or scrapbooking or anything. I did take a nap this morning while the boys were napping and Butterfly was watching her show. I don't think I've napped in months. I could use another one.

I did exersise with my friend this afternoon while the boys took their second nap and Butterfly had quiet time in her room. And when the kids are all up, I spend time playing with them and feeding them (a huge chore lately, another post for another time) and cleaning them.

Needless to say I did NOT get all the birthday stuff ironed out and will have to work on it some more in a few days. I also did NOT get any laundry done, or even planned for my good friend Karen's visit tomorrow. Planned as in printed out directions and packed the diaper bag. I have some time in the morning that I will be able to do that but still. I wanted at least a list of things to gather up in the morning done tonight. (Yes, I am one of those people who makes lists of things I should do.)

I think we're going to have a great time tomorrow. I am either very brave or very foolish but Karen is coming to spend the day with me in Baltimore and then we'll meet up with another good friend Deanna in Annapolis later. This is the first time I am taking all 3 kids out doing something touristy by myself. Karen will be there so she can help me keep an eye on Butterfly but she also has a baby of her own so we shall see how it goes. We may end up spending a lot of time in the car because everyone will be contained there.

Wish me luck!



  1. Lists are good then you forget less. :) Hope you have fun!

  2. Anonymous12:27 AM

    It may feel like nothing has been done, but look at what you do for the children. Remember to count that. "The important things will get done.'

  3. exercise and a nap?? wow :)

    You'll do great tomorrow. Hugs for everyone for us. Oh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that pic of Juice and the twins in the window

  4. You'll do great and have so much fun!! Enjoy!

  5. Some days I get a ton done and some days nothing and I only have one kid! Have fun on your outing and good luck! I want to see pics posted later!


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