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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Busy Day, and Yet...


I've had a really busy day and yet nothing seemed to get done. At least, nothing really on my to do list. Well, okay I did actually get one thing done but that was all. I heard of a pretty cool diaper deal at the bulls eye store so I thought I'd head on over there and get diapers (always needed) and get my $10 gift card bonus. I did that this morning as soon as the boys were up from their first nap.

It took us at least 45 minutes to get out the door. I have no idea why. But from the time I harassed Butterfly into leaving and the time I actually drove out of my parking lot, it was 45 minutes. No wonder she dawdles when we leave. Or perhaps the dawdling is why it takes us 45 minutes to get out. Either way, we got out.

I used the stroller in the store today because I was by myself. I think I'm out of practice. By the time I got everyone out of their car seats and into the stroller, I was ready to put them back into the car and go home. But no! I was on a mission.

The mission failed, though. They did not have size 3s, only 5s and 6s. Arg! I did get a few craft stuff I need for my church thing tomorrow and we left with a stop off at the pizza place for lunch. Yuck, something was really wrong with the dough or something but it tasted awful. I took it back and got my money back. Both the boys were rubbing their eyes while I was loading them into the car so we went back home. I was planning on trying to go to another store and see if they had the right size.

Turns out going home was the best idea. The boys napped for almost 2 and a half hours and Butterfly for almost 2 hours. Our old neighbor came by to get her puppy, and stayed and chatted with me. Then Juice showed up (unexpectedly) from his trade show downtown. He came to have lunch and go back to work. Then our other neighbor came over and we all sat and chatted for almost an hour. It was fun and a really great adult conversation break to my week!

By the time everyone left, the kids all woke up and I spent the rest of the evening trying to make dinner and getting Professor out of minor scrapes. Like, getting stuck underneath the chairs and his hand stuck out of the doggy door.

Before I knew it, dinner was on the table and eaten, boys were in bed and the kitchen cleaned up. I left Juice with the kids and went to another store to get eggs and the diapers. Success! But now it's really late and I am beat. And I feel like I've spent my entire day looking for these diapers.

Goal for tomorrow? Look at 4 birthdays that are coming up in my family (out of 9 in the past and next few weeks) and get them all planned/bought (mostly) so I will quit worrying about them. I swear, my brain has turned off lately!



  1. Sounds like a tiring day! ;)

  2. I hate those kind of days!

  3. All's well that end well. Hope you are successful birthday shopping.

  4. Let me know if you find your on switch! I've been looking for mine for the last four years!


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