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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Birthday Time!


Tonight is Juice's big 30th birthday party. Except it isn't that big. Only because he didn't want a whole lot of people invited. So we invited a few, and some couldn't come so it turned out to be just a right amount.

He has been at a church breakfast thing this morning, and then off fixing an electric wheel chair. I've been trying to get everything ready and get the kids happy. I think Pirate is teething because he only wants to be held and is drooling up a storm. He is also not sleeping well.

I am discovering the joys of having 2 kids in the same room. Because Pirate is not sleeping well, he is staying awake. And he will pull himself up and chat to Professor. Now, Professor is my sleeper. He NEEDS he sleep and will do pretty good as long as he's not distracted. But Pirate distracts him. So then they chat, play, cry for awhile and I figure they are not going to bed and go get them. Well, Professor is cross and crabby and Pirate is all fun. Until bedtime gets closer and then they switch places.

I suppose I should be happy that they do that at least.

I better go get ready for the party!


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