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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hate Is Such a Strong Word


I'm not going to say it, but I strongly dislike Sundays around here.  Oh church is fine.  I enjoy our ward and I enjoy the talks and lessons that I make it to.  I think that may be the key right there...I make it to very little of church lately.

We are late every day to sacrament meeting (the first hour of the 3 hour block).  9am is seriously killing me.  It didn't help that Professor is getting a cold and couldn't breathe and suck on his binky at the same time.  I spent from 2-5:45am last night sitting up with him.  And I didn't get to bed until midnight because Juice and I went out dancing.  At 6am, my alarm went off to get up.  I did not get up until about 7:30am, but that means I got 3 hours of sleep, maybe.  I'm beat.

I spend most of my sacrament meeting in the mother's lounge nursing the boys.  9am is their normal nap time and they are cross and clingy in church.  Today, they even cried when Juice picked them up.  Yes, they pipe in the talks to the room but no one listens in there.  It's like a big talk fest.  Which I enjoy, to a point.

The second hour I teach Sunday School to the 14-15 year olds.  It's 3 girls so I bring the boys with me.  We all sit on the floor and talk about life and babies more than our lessons.  But I think I must be doing something right because my last batch of teenagers often join us.  We have some good talks and I like being the one they ask questions to.  Today was movie day and we watched an old BYU film about a grandma and a mail box.  Sad movie.  Her kids didn't write and she was alone.  I hope my kids don't do that!

The 3rd hour is the adult women's meeting called Relief Society.  I often sit with Lala and Mimi because then the kids play together on the floor.  We call it baby corner.  But of course, we are so busy with keeping them quiet, entertained, and off of each other (mainly my two, Mimi doesn't like them crawling on her and they barrel over anything in their way).  Most of the time I end up sitting in the mother's lounge again either nursing or holding screaming children.  They have totally missed their first nap and it shows.  Juice teaches the 12 year old boys at this time or I'd have him take them.

I remember with Butterfly that I seriously wondered why I even came to church.  All I did was walk the halls while she explored until she hit 18 months old when the kids are welcome in nursery.  I imagine this summer I will be doing a lot of walking.  At least Lala will be out there too and we like hanging out together.

By the time we get home, everyone is exhausted and hungry and crabby.  We always have a fight with Butterfly to get out of the car after church.  This time, the boys joined in her screaming.  They went right to bed, and Butterfly screamed through her lunch.  I was so tired I fell asleep on the couch today for about 10 minutes.  Juice was great and got Butterfly into bed.  The boys woke up screaming and hungry as he was shutting her door.  So much for my nap.

Still, it was a good day.  We enjoyed the really nice weather and went for a walk to the park.  Butterfly dumped a few handfuls of dirt on her head and Professor ate a few leaves before we thought we should take them home.  Butterfly got another bath (that makes 2 today, one this morning for church) and the boys had cut up meatballs for the first time.

And now, I'm exhausted.  Off to bed and hopefully we'll have a better night!



  1. Church is so hard for us, too - and we're Catholic! I couldn't get them to not fuss for an hour, much less three! Gotta hand it to you. We had to stop going with them completely - but I think we are at the point where Katie could totally do it. Maddie is still "eh?" Our children's Mass is at 9am and I think Katie will really enjoy it - wish us luck!

  2. I have felt the same way many, many times. It takes some heavy duty commitment to keep coming. But it's worth it in the end. I hoe you get some extra sleep tonight!!

  3. I have no idea how you do it. The LDS gal that sits next to me in karate finally, and I mean FINALLY, got her just-turned-18-month old out of her hair and she got the call last week and now has her sixth adopted baby. She had ONE Sunday without a kid. What's up with the 18 month rule anywho? :)

  4. I don't know how you do it! I have a hard time making it to church on time with one, let alone three. Plus he has been sick the past 3 out of 4 sundays and hasn't come to church anyway. Good luck and hang in there!

  5. Anonymous11:43 PM

    oh man! I totally feel your pain! I also wondered WHY i ever came. Whats worse is a lot of the time i spent in the halls, Brian wasnt even there. So i drove all that way just to go to our building and walk the halls ALONE. Kids that young are hard because they take TWO naps and I swear, if Lexi missed ONE the OTHER ONE was totally messed UP which made her CRANKY and made sunday NIGHT HORRID! Then theyre off a little on Monday because of Sunday and then 5 days and you get to do it ALLLLLLLLLLLL over again. YOu have it times TWO! So im sorry!!!!


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