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Thursday, March 05, 2009

A New Family Member!


Remember how I said that the x-ray techs kicked me out of the x-ray room because of a risk of pregnancy? Remember how I scoffed?

Yeah, that's still totally true.

Our good friend and old neighbor has a new puppy! She is so sweet. She is black with a tiny bit of white on her mouth that makes her look like milk is dribbling down her chin. She is a cocker spaniel and completely adorable.

She is staying with me during the day for the next little while. So she's going to be joining the family in the day. Her name is Willow. So cute! I love the puppy breath, the soft fur, the soft feet, the growling bark, the yipping in fear, the need to be next to another living thing...ah...I love puppies. And babies. And I've got both! Times 2! My blog is going to be so sticky sweet for the next little while that you will all get cavities. Sorry. I do happen to know a good dentist who happens to be my brother in law.

She already knows how to get out of the house through the dog door (she can't get out yet, she can't open the flap but she knows where to get out). She slept at my feet for a good hour and a half while I scrap booked with Lolli. She is seriously unnerving Soot though. Our puppy, while a very good puppy, is not all that social with other dogs. I hope having another puppy around will help Soot as well as Willow.

Also, I got a new member of my camera family. A flash! I was having fun with it yesterday, but today I can't seem to get it working. Stupid batteries. (At least that's what the manual says it is. I'm off to buy more batteries as we speak.)



  1. I hope you figure out the battery thing! It was very strange. But Willow--she was so cute!

  2. You had me going for about a second ... of course my first thought was, How is ever going to do it? But of course you would have. :)

    I am thinking of adding a flash to my camera, too - love to see some of your pics with it.

  3. lol - I forgot how to breath just then. You totally got me. Glad you have a new puppy to play with that you don't have to clean up after ;)

  4. Oh, so chocolaty and sweet!


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