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Friday, May 29, 2009

3rd Times the Charm


Today was full of packing, organizing, folding, bags, bags, and more bags. It's amazing how much STUFF kids take up. Since we don't have to worry about a weight limit (well, not as strict as 50 lbs) we seem to be bringing a lot more this time. Of course, it's 6 days of travel instead of 6 hours. My head hurt by mid morning so I figured a trip to the park was in order.

BFF Vinny and Lala came along. We did a nice walk up to the town next to ours and enjoyed the park and the mud. This park still has all the old playground equipment that I remember playing on. Teeter totters, metal horse swings, tall metal slides, etc. I would show you pictures but Lala and I were have so much fun playing on the teeter totters that there was no time for picture taking.

On our way home we decided to do some treasure hunting in the form of geocaching. Either I am bad at it or new at it or my GPS does not get exact coordinates for me to just walk right up to the caches. I suppose that's part of the fun of geocaching...the thrill of the search. We couldn't find it and decided to go home before the gathering clouds rained down on us.

In the process of going home, I pushed 4 kids and BOB (what an amazing stroller) through the quagmire and ended up in mud up to my ankles. But still BOB went forward. (I think all those late nights making fun of belly dancing for fitness with Lala helped too.) We all got eaten by bugs and just barely made it home in time for naps and an impressive thunderstorm.

Juice came home early so we headed out to run some last minute errands for the trip. Tomorrow I am busy with other things so I needed to be prepared today to go. I drug everyone over to the spot where the cache was again and made Juice help me look. With the kids. In the rain. Because of course, it started raining when we got there. Juice didn't get his master cartographer title in his game for nothing. He finally found it. It was a good cache and we got some good prizes.

I am almost done packing. We have a super busy day tomorrow with a birthday party, my dad and brother coming into town, and finalizing our trip.

Juice and I collapsed in front of the tv tonight and watched Newsies. Boy it brought up memories of sleep overs with my friends as a teenager. Juice and I sang all the songs, because we know all the words. :) It's fun to be geeks together.

Now, off to bed.



  1. I tried calling you all day (6 or 7 times), because I had the itching to go out walking. But your phone wasn't working. Oh well! Glad you finally found it!

  2. Ah! I wonder what was wrong with it. I would have loved to have you along Lolli. Well, when I get back. :)

  3. Sounds like you had a busy day! I love Newsies!!

    I didn't know your brother was coming along for the trip, also. How fun! Drive safe, and we'll be excited to see you when you get here!


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