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Monday, May 11, 2009

Crisis to Crisis


Today has been one of those days. I went from screaming kid to screaming kid. At least they all took turns screaming. Let's see...Butterfly screamed because she said it wasn't time to wake up this morning. And it also wasn't time to wake up at nap time. I don't know why she is so cross when she gets up but she is. Oh, wait. I think I know. She stays up playing with her toys and then is really tired when she gets up. Or it could just be that today is Monday and Mondays are always really hard.

Pirate cried today every time I moved more than 2 feet away from him. He is big into being right next to me all the time lately. It's nice, but he's also learned to bite because he is frustrated. So when I put my computer somewhere where he can't touch it, he bites me. Then I put him down. And he bites me. This is a not so cool development into frustration.

Professor takes the cake today though. He cried because he got stuck. He got his legs stuck in the crib slats today during his second nap. Poor boy! When I went up to get him (I was on the phone several times and couldn't make it up there right away), I expected Pirate to be sleeping too. Nope. Professor was very unhappy and when I didn't pick Pirate up too, he was also screaming. So after I got them calmed down, they were awake. Needless to say they didn't have their second nap today.

When I went to go wake up Butterfly (who had a nap...a 2 and a half hour long one), Professor pulled the vent cover off the vent in her room. He went from looking at the the vent cover to climbing into the vent in about 2 seconds. I was busy waking Butterfly up and didn't see him. When he started to scream because he was stuck, I think I freaked out a little bit. His clothes were caught on something and it took me a minute to get him unstuck. He is grabbing onto me with all his might and screaming. Butterfly has rolled off her bed and is trying to lay down on my back and crying because "it's NOT time to wake up!" And Pirate is really interested in what I'm doing with his brother and is trying to back into the vent too.

Needless to say, I needed a little bit of space this evening.



  1. Whoa -- that is alot, though it did give me a chuckle reading it ;)

  2. I really whish I had been there to see that. Sounds like a riot and a nervous breakdown all in one.


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