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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Annual Memorial Day BBQ


Also known as the day we met our ex-neighbors. Have I ever told this story? I don't think so. We were just getting home from church. We had been in our (then) new house for about 6 weeks. Putter was standing underneath the tree in our front "yard" (it's all common ground, we don't own it). I think he was smoking.

Putter has a very scruffy look. Long hair, baggy clothes, etc. We had no idea who this guy was. And he basically bellowed out to us. "Hey! Do you live here?"

"Um, yes." I think I stepped behind Juice. Putter walked right up to Juice, stuck out his hand and introduced himself. "I'm Putter. Do you like BBQs?"

"Um, yes."

"Come on then." We followed him around our house to his house behind ours. We met his mom, Lavender, his wife, Jewel, and others. We ended up being really good friends with them. They moved away to the country shortly after Butterfly turned one. We still get together, and every year we make sure we have a BBQ!

Today was no exception. We had a great time. So great, in fact, that I am pooped. There were kids to chase, dogs to play with, standing to be learned (by both of my boys!), sunscreen to be reapplied, food to be eaten, new friends to meet, an AMAZING fish tank to admire, and views to be admired.

We had a great time! Pictures later!


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