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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birthday Party!


When Butterfly was first born, I was kind of desperate to have friends. Now that I would no longer be working, I needed someone else to talk to. Our birth class instructor suggested I join the hospital class for new mothers when I wrote to tell her about Butterfly being born. It stuck in my head and I joined the class at the last second. Boy am I glad I did! There are about 6 of us that are still getting together on a fairly regular basis. We all had babies around the same time.

Actually, between the 6 of us, only one had a baby out of the month of May. So what does that mean come birthday time? BIRTHDAY TIME. In the past we have done a big combined birthday but this year, everyone is doing their own thing.

Tonight we went to one of our friend's party at a place called "Bounce-U". It's basically 2 huge rooms filled with inflatable bounce houses. The first room had a huge slide, an obstacle course, and something else I can't remember. Why can't I remember? Because Butterfly spent the entire time going up and down that slide. It was funny to watch the terror on her face turn to happiness at the end. So funny.

The second room had a regular bounce house, a ball bounce house, a tee ball area, and a really tall climbing thing with a slide at the end. Guess who wanted to do the climbing thing? And guess who had to go up and get her when she got stuck? I see why Butterfly got stuck though. That thing was hard to climb up in! The slide at the end was fun though. She ran and ran and ran and screamed and ran and played with her friends. She had them all going at one time pretending there was water somewhere and they had to go to a different area to get away from something. That girl and her imagination....

After making them worn out, we went into their party room and had pizza and cake and watched our friend open presents. It was really a fun party! So thanks friend for inviting us!



  1. That looks like a blast. I bet AJ would have been overwhelmed for quite a while in there. ;)

  2. Was it a bouncy basketball court? That's what our BounceU has at the end of that first room. It's very nice when they can finally do all those things solo but getting her unstuck, my hat's off to you.

  3. oooh, there's one of those here in Sandy! I've been wondering if Audrey would like it.


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