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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Diapers, Diapers, Diapers


I spilled a lot of Pirate's antibiotics yesterday. As in I have one more dose left and he should have 7. Oops. I'll call the doctor tomorrow and see what I should do.

The antibiotics have been wrecking havoc on poor little Pirate's tummy. He has had huge enormous blow out diapers at least 3 times a day. Today's were right after he got up, on the way home from church, and right before dinner. I'm talking filling the diaper front to back and having it squirt out the sides and run down his legs kind of diapers. That one on the way home from church (at least it wasn't IN church that would have been bad) also filled his car seat. There was actual soup left when I picked him up to take him inside.

Really really gross.

I spent all afternoon cleaning it up and worrying for the state of his poor little tummy. I've started them on some probiotics at the doctor's recommendation (I didn't get them until last night, should have gotten them as soon as we got the amoxicillin) and hopefully that will help. I've also noticed that Pirate's appetite has gone way down. I've been pumping him full of juice and nursing him round the clock. Hopefully that will actually keep him hydrated.

Professor is not bothered by any gastrointestinal issues at all. Sunshine boy. That kid seriously sparkles when he smiles.

We are one week away from Butterfly's 4th birthday!! Can you believe that she will be 4 soon? I can't.



  1. My doc suggested probiotics too. I gave him yogurt smoothies with acidopholus in it and it seemed to help a little. And he loved drinking it. He was on Augmentin and it always upsets his tummy. Hope the boys are feeling better soon! Only a few more days of antibiotics!

  2. Yuck!!!! Note to self: probiotics before Evie goes on antibiotics some day. I might cloth diaper but soup sounds like something to avoid! :( Hope they are feeling better soon!


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