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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Things I've Done Today


Things I have done today in list form because that's all the brain power I have.

  • baked 9 small round pizza crusts and one full pan for the party tomorrow
  • went to the resource center and let the kids play...felt like a good mom
  • went out to lunch, had a great time
  • talked to my BFF Mink for 2 hours while everyone napped
  • wrapped presents while talking to her
  • cleaned some (not a lot) while talking to her...current topic: what to do when our parents are old and need 24 hour care (random I know but seriously, we talk about strange things and love it which is why she is my BFF)
  • made broccoli salad for the first time for a church function tonight
  • had 2 people ask me for the recipe which I amazingly remembered but still can't finish a sentence if I wanted to
  • went to the store for party food stuffs and our week's worth of groceries
  • picked up Butterfly' birthday cake for tomorrow and a fruit tart for her actual birthday on Sunday
  • enjoyed previously mentioned church function and didn't learn a thing...which is good. I'm on the right track I think.
  • lost my camera battery charger and went digging through the whole house for it
  • Juice found it under my camera bag, after tearing up the whole house for it
  • he ran into a moldy banana in the diaper bag and was TOTALLY grossed out for touching it...oops, I forgot that was in there
  • tried to clean some tonight and gave up
  • reminded myself that Juice has the day off tomorrow and can help me clean before the party in the afternoon
  • going to bed later than I wanted to
  • charging my camera battery! Yay pictures


  1. PRC and lunch were fun! Thanks for hanging out! See you tomorrow!

  2. LOL I'm loving that Juice touched the banana I'm sure it was doubly gross for him!

  3. It sounds like you're doing GREAT! Seriously.


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