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Wednesday, May 20, 2009



Tonight was Butterfly's very last swim lesson. The one that they encourage the parents to come and watch (they kick us out otherwise...important I think). So Juice came home from work early and we packed up the boys and our sweet Butterfly to swim lessons.

Guess what I forgot to pack? MY CAMERA.

I was annoyed. And a little sad. I could have taken video of her jumping up and down on the side of the wall! I could have shown you that she is by far the biggest kid in the class. I could have shown you how utterly fearless she is in the water. Instead, you'll have to use your imagination.

So one of the things that her teacher has them do is jump while holding onto the wall. She jumps as high as she can and makes an impressive splash coming down. The poor tiny kids next to her have no chance. She is completely oblivious to them though and just was to jump "the highest biggest fastest that I can!" (Someone let her see the Incredibles and now she wants to be Dash. Sigh.)

They play ring around the rosy and have the kids blow bubbles at the end or put their face in the water. Butterfly dunks herself every time instead. She comes up sputtering water and looking a little shocked but happy. She even put her face in the water and walked 2 or 3 steps to her teacher today. It was truly amazing.

Juice leaned over and asked if I was hiding some kind of mermaid genes because she suddenly turned into a fish. She really did. She passed everything on her report card (except for 2 things related to floating on backs...I don't think they even went over that.) and she is cleared to advance to the next class: strokers! We aren't putting her in that class this summer because I think we are going to try and get her into swim lessons at my mom's pool. It would give us something to do and it runs every week we are there. She'll do strokers maybe in the fall or next spring.

She even jumped into the pool without her teachers help and came right back up to the surface. I'm so proud of her. And I can't wait to go swimming with her!


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  1. My pool opens in 2 days! Maybe it will be warm enough next week for us to take the kids swimming before you leave (hmmm....yeah right!) Way to go Butterfly!


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