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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Best Adult Date Ever


Juice and I apparently went on the best adult date ever according to our 15 year old babysitter. What did we do? Well first, we went to a tiny Mexican restaurant for dinner. We've been talking about going to this place for awhile. Only because on the front window it states: We Speak English. I don't know why that made me laugh every time so we thought we'd try it out.

Saturday nights are apparently karaoke nights at this little restaurant. It was LOUD. Not crowded, but very loud. And all in Spanish. And not really sung well. Not the nice quiet reconnection I was hoping to have with my hubby. Still the food was good, the price was reasonable, and we went away laughing at our adventure.

After Mexican Karaoke, we decided to go to the local kid arcade place and play some skee ball. Why in the world did we do that? Well, when we were dating and first married, we were at BYU going to college. They have a game room on campus with 4 lanes of skee ball. When we had a free moment and a free dollar, we would go in and play a few games just for fun. We ended up saving up a bunch of tickets from that and getting something...a pair of BYU socks I think. Anyway, we look back at that time as a lot of fun. So we thought we'd go play skee ball again.

This was good in theory. It was almost 9pm. The place doesn't close until 11pm. I figured it wouldn't be swarming with kids when we got there. Boy was I wrong. Tiny tiny kids running everywhere. Parent just sitting around at tables looking bored or doing something with their cell phone. I just couldn't help wonder why these kids aren't in bed!!

We made our way right over to the skee ball lanes (all but two were broken, and even then there were only 4 balls between them) and proceeded to start our games. The coins went in, the balls came down, and every toddler in the place bee lined for us. They climbed up onto the ball lanes, stole our balls, and ran off with them. Seriously, I counted 6 little tiny kids all fighting over a ball at one point. There we are, standing there watching in horror as the games we were trying to play were being thwarted. No parents came. One big sister came and pulled a little girl off the lane only to have her climb right back up there. The sister shrugged her shoulders, and left. ARG!

We abandoned the skee ball and went to play other arcade games, half of which were broken. Seriously, this place is getting more ghetto as the night goes on. We stayed for an hour and saw most of the families go home. Yay! We played about 10 games of skee ball, turned in our tickets for a little rocket launcher for Buttterfly, and left.

While it wasn't the best date for us, it was a lot of fun.


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