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Monday, May 25, 2009

What a Difference Sleep Makes


Juice is doing MUCH better, thanks to a good night's sleep. I am no longer coughing and the boys noses are just slightly running. Butterfly is still unscathed. I feel like we bounced back from this one pretty quick but Juice thinks otherwise.

Today was yet another fun BBQ with our church this time. It was great! There was tons of food, a bounce house and a playground for the kids, and good friends to talk to. Of course, it rained on us. Hard. Didn't seem to bother anyone too much, though. Butterfly had a pretty good time (although she kept saying no one would play with her...BFF Vinny was too excited to be in the bounce house to come out and do anything else) and came home wet and cross. She napped. The boys did not. ARG! They were DONE by 5pm and have been quiet ever since. (Well, except for the time that Professor got his binkie stuck between inside his sleep sack. He couldn't find it and was pretty unhappy!)

I was hoping to do some geocaching today. You know, that fun treasure hunting thing I've gotten hooked on. But it rained off and on all day and there was no nap to be had from the boys. So, my goal is to go tomorrow, after I do my errands and have friends over in the morning. Juice says I've become obsessed with it. I wouldn't go that far but it's a lot of fun. And free! And there is exercise and fresh air involved! All good things!

6 days till launch!



  1. My kids came home and continued playing outside until dinner time. They went to bed very well tonight.

  2. Glad everyone is feeling better! I'm crossing my fingers for no rain and warm weather for you and me!

  3. Anonymous2:08 PM

    geocaching sounds like a fun thing to do in a few years when Evie can understand it...I'm sure we'll still have a GPS since they are addictive!


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