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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday and Sickness


Yep, you read the title right. We are sick here. AGAIN. I don't know why we get sick so much. But it just seems we have days in between sicknesses here. This time I am sick along with Pirate. He has a fever (101) and cries because his mouth hurts. It could be teeth (I saw a molar the other day!) but a runny nose doesn't really go along with that. Either way, I know my cold is not teething so I imagine this week will be full of runny noses and clingy babies.

Today during the last hour of church the boys fell asleep on me. It was so incredibly cute and fun to hold both of them and snuggle. It's so much fun to have them jolt a little in their sleep, sigh and snuggle back down into me. Bliss. :)

Everyone also took a 3 hour nap this afternoon. (And I mean everyone, me included.) Everyone also went to bed early so that's where I'm off to. Hope your Sunday was just as good!



  1. runny noses always accompany teething around here, so I hope it's that rather than you being sick!

  2. Visiting from SITS...hope you're all feeling better soon :)

  3. Anonymous2:34 AM

    So sorry to hear you're sick! I hope you are all feeling better soon and that the molars come in as easily as possible. :)


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