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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Out and About


Today I was able to go visit a good friend without Butterfly. I took the boys along and it was SO easy. Who knew that I would say that having twins out of the house was easy. But one less kid seems to be a lot less work. Lala and I went running errands after, and even had a very nice lunch with the 3 babies (remember, her baby Mimi is about 6 weeks older than my boys) and just enjoyed some time without the older two.

Butterfly and Vinny had a grand old time with Vinny's dad (who works second shift and is nice enough to watch the older kids during the day for us if we want to go out) and Butterfly cried when we had to leave. Poor kid.

Pirate is doing MUCH better. He actually ate something today, kept it down, and asked for more! Tonight after dinner his stomach was so tight and round it was so full. I swear, I get the most stress from these boys and their eating than anything else.

I took Butterfly out before dinner once Juice got home from work so we could pick out some fun things for her birthday party on Friday. This is my very first time hosting any kind of friend birthday party for my kids and I'm a little nervous. I'm hoping the weather will be okay enough for some play time outside but I think it's going to rain. Again. We'll have to see what we can do inside. I have a few games in mind and a treasure hunt to do so hopefully it will go okay.

After dinner, we put the kids down and I went back over to Lala's and exercised with her tonight. We end up laughing too hard to do the moves sometimes. I don't know how much we actual exercise happens, but we are at least trying. And I can tell my endurance is up. I'm hoping to be able to do some serious hiking in Moab when we go with my parents. Well, about as serious as you can get with a 4 year old and a huge stroller with babies (I guess they are toddlers now huh?!) inside. Either way, I don't want to feel horribly out of shape so I go and laugh and try to get the "drop, deep drop" thing down.

Now that I'm finally home for the evening (10 pm or so) I'm off to bed. I think I'll sleep well tonight!



  1. It's it amazing how one less kid makes outing seem easy! During spring break I took the older 2 to the beach for 2 days and Leïla said with grandma -- what a piece of cake!! :) Glad to hear Pirate is feeling better!

  2. I too hope for good weather for you (us). I'll see you tomorrow night!


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