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Friday, May 15, 2009

One Nap?


The past three days the boys have had weird sleeping schedules. As in, they won't go to sleep right as I put them down for their morning nap but if I get them up, they are all yawns and red rimmed eyes. Then they crash at 11am, sleep through lunch, up at 1pm which is when Butterfly has her quiet time.

This also means I don't get any quiet time. And since Mommy does not get a nap every day (I tried making it a rule, Butterfly didn't go for it. Dang.) I need quiet time.

This also means that the boys are bears by 4pm. I could technically feed them dinner then and put them to bed (in which they will sleep through the night until 7am) but then Juice never sees them. So I keep them up. We've had a bad case of the "witching hour" here lately.

Honestly if they are not going to sleep for their morning nap, I'd like to move them to an afternoon nap starting at 1pm like Butterfly. But I don't think they are going to last that long. I could put Butterfly to bed early, like at around noon but then I have a VERY long afternoon with the kids who are cranky. Hmm...

Maybe this is just a phase. Maybe they will go back to doing two 2 hour naps a day. I'd like that. Maybe Pirate will stop stealing Professor's binkie and throwing it on the floor. Yeah, that'd be a nice one too.



  1. I hope they let you have your quiet time. Moms definitely need it!!

  2. Do you think you could get one of them to take a nap by himself?

  3. I remember when Aidan went through that phase. He was switching to one nap and took it at noon and slept through lunch. We moved naptime back to 12:30/1p slowly and he went to one 3 hour nap. Hopefully they'll keep two naps for a while. I remember how nice that was.

  4. Anonymous4:15 AM

    Argh, I feel your pain. Evie is pulling similar shenanigans at only 8 months. If she has a short nap in the morning then everything is fine and she naps well in the afternoon, but if she naps well in the morning she tries to skip the afternoon nap entirely and the witching hour strikes with lots of whining. If you figure this out with your boys, let me know and I'll try your technique with Evie!

  5. Visiting from SITS! My girls are 16 and 14 years old, but I so remember this stage. It's a tough one. Eventually, they will give up the morning nap and just have an afternoon one. Maybe try to keep them up in the morning as late as possible and each day move it a little later. Then it will only be a week or so that Juice doesn't get time with them in the evening. I had forgotten about this crazy parenting stage. Good luck!

  6. Yeah for twins! Your boys are beautiful! Happy SITS day to you too hon! I'm following!

  7. I can't remember the two nap stage cause it went away so fast at my house. I miss it. I hope you figure yours out soon so you can have some time alone!

  8. Well I hate to say it, but I think the boys are of the age when they may just be switching to one nap a day. I think both my girls just did one nap starting right around 1 yr. old.

    Hopefully all 4 of you will get something figured out or worked out to where they can be down together so you get some free/quiet time. It is a mother's best hope of survival!!!


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