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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Check List


I stayed up late talking to my mom tonight for our weekly chat (hi mom! Great to talk to you!) so tonight's entry will be things I did today.

All four of us up, dressed, fed, and exercised. The kids love to do my exercises with me (and get in the way sometimes) and it's very cute. You should see them try and do push ups!

All four of us out at the mall exchanging too small pajamas for not too small pajamas. And seriously, for a children's store, the Ch*ildren's Pl*ace is really NOT stroller friendly.

All four of us out at Ikea on an errand for Daddy. He needed a new lamp. I go there to get the $8 lamp and leave minus $50. Why is that? Butterfly had a grand old time in the kid's play area and then we had lunch there. Yum!

All four of us drive home in horrible rush hour traffic. The kids napped...I did not. The kids were awake when we got home. I was tired. They refused to come inside. We ended up playing outside for over an hour. In this hour the following happened: Pirate made himself a mud puddle and promptly sat in it. I spent at least half of the time trying to wrangle both boys down the street to get the mail while Butterfly fought the remaining leaves off the tree out front. I finally managed to get everyone inside when the sun started to set. It was not without some tears.

All four of us rejoiced when Daddy came home. We had dinner, the kids had baths and then to bed. I braved the store for a few things for tomorrow and a free redbox movie rental. Now to find time to watch it!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

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  1. It sounds VERY busy.

    Have a great holiday weekend :)


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