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Saturday, November 21, 2009

On Saturday...


I seem to always be really busy huh? And I don't know why the past few weeks have been really busy but they have. Next week I have nothing but Thanksgiving (more on that later) and it should be a quiet week.

But today was really busy. It started off this morning with my trip to the "share church" where I helped bag over 100 bags of meat and over 100 bags of veggies. This is so much fun for me. I look forward to doing it every month. This month I came home with a turkey, a bag of meat and a bag of veggies, and all the stuff to make a turkey dinner (green beans, stuffing, pies, etc) for only $45. Nice!

Juice and I spent the next half hour or so reorganizing our freezer so we could put all the food in. We are desperate for a big chest freezer I think since I keep jam packing the little one above our fridge. I am on a no freezer items ban until we can see light in our freezer again. Okay.

I spent about half an hour in the attic today looking for blanket sleepers for the boys. I know when Butterfly was little I used to buy her blue and yellow and green sleepers so I could hand them down to the next kid. Butterfly had some pretty cute clothes! I found all her newborn stuff and it's hard to imagine her being that small. I did also find the blanket sleepers and that is what the boys are wearing tonight for bed. Professor looks so cute and cuddly in his bright blue sleeper tonight. However, Pirate looks a little stretched. Could it be that he is TALLER than Butterfly was at this age?! It's late or I'd go look in my archives and find out. Either way, I'm going to have to go get more sleepers in a bigger size so he will actually be able to wear them all winter long. Sigh...I have twins that can't share clothes!!

While I was in the attic I did a quick look over of my Christmas pile and realized I'm going to have to spend time up there organizing it and figuring out exactly what I have. This is the problem of buying all year long...I forget what I buy! During this time the boys were sobbing at the ceiling because I was up there without them. Poor kids.

We also went to the store (no freezer stuff) and I got a free knife and a free juicer for answering questions at one of those sales tables in the $200 store. I am also a sucker and bought what he was selling. I'm excited about it too!

After a nice lunch of hot dogs, we ran to another store to get a few last minute things for Thanksgiving. Mostly I needed dried cherries and this store is the only place I know where to get them in town. I just happened to buy a few more things while I was there. Like sparkling blueberry juice. How tasty does that sound?!

Once everything was put away, naps were needed. Me included. I slept for almost 3 hours. So did the kids. I woke up with a splitting headache and it hasn't gone away all evening. Dinner, bath, bed. Then, silence. Ahhh...sleeping children!

I have just spent the evening going over my Christmas list and buying online the rest of what I know I needed to buy. I am almost all done. My goal is to finish this up coming week and get everything sent to Utah by the 10th of December. That should get it there on time for Christmas. Right Mom and her UPS friends?

Yet another busy and full day!


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  1. It seems like it just keeps getting busier....you seem on top of it though! :)


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