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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Pictures, take 12---Proof!


Proof that my mom and I are suckers for these clothes. Who could not be though?! They are simply adorable!

Wish you were here to see them Mom. Butterfly wore her dress ALL DAY LONG and REFUSED to take it off. It was the neatest she's ever eaten anything in her entire life. She cried when she had to take it off for bed. The tears didn't last long because she was putting on her Christmas pajamas from my Mom! :) "Nana clothes are the best," she says. Having gotten a skirt from MY Nana this week, I'd have to agree.



  1. I noticed their clothes today, and I loved them! I especially love the picture of Pirate with Prof in the background. Very fun!

  2. I am coming over from Lolli's tonight and I have to say those outfits are SO cute. OH MY GOSH! I just love little kid clothes. Especially the girl clothes. There should be a law that they are not allowed to make it THAT cute : ) Nice to meet you!

  3. im lloving the clothes too but your pictures of them ON the kids even more!!!!

  4. They look super cute! Such fun outfits and I loved the jammas too.

  5. ADORABLE!!!! Thanks for posting! :)

  6. I've noticed your kids on Sunday, very festive!!

  7. Great pictures and adorable outfits!


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