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Thursday, November 12, 2009

What to Say...


Normal craziness was had by all today. We went to the PRC and Butterfly fell in the mud running to the door. That girl has some serious enthusiasm. It's great! The boys painted for the first time and wiped their paint covered hands on their clothes because they REFUSED to wear smocks. Luckily the paint came out. The mud, not yet.

They all took a 4 hour nap today (I know!) and I took an hour one. I vacuumed, did laundry, finished a library book, earned a few swagbucks. (BTW, I have earned enough for yet another amazon gift card. That makes $20 I've earned this month alone. Sign up, you won't be sorry!)

Juice came home, we had dinner (which I almost burned but saved just in time) and we played. The boys have discovered that Daddy makes a good horse and Mommy also makes one. They went around tonight pushing us over so they could climb on our backs. Man they are cute!

Butterfly almost has her talk memorized for Sunday and I'm really excited to see how she does with it. We also have a visiting young women's leader on Sunday. All the young women will be attending for 2nd and 3rd hours. This means I don't have to teach Sunday school because my class is all girls. I like having weeks off sometimes! And with the boys in nursery now, I might actually be able to sit next to Juice in church and just sit. It's going to be so different but so needed.

Speaking of being needed, my bed is calling me from the other room.



  1. Wait! How have you gotten $20 in one month? That's like 180 swagbucks, right? If you have secrets, please do tell! I am getting about 1 1/2 Amazon GCs per month. Am I doing something wrong? :)

    See you in a few hours!

  2. Hey -- I haven't been on here in so long -- feel so out of touch. I hope you and you beautiful family are doing well. I promise to get back to being a loyal blog reader! :)

  3. Wish I could be there on Sunday. Primary programs are so fun. Especially as a spectator!


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