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Thursday, November 19, 2009

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I am at a loss of what to say today. It was our normal crazy run around day. My van has been in the shop for minor things and so I spent the morning helping Juice move the car seats from his car back to my van. It's exciting to move those things, let me tell you!

We had a great time at the PRC with friends. The kids did paper hand turkeys (so so cute!) and Butterfly was great in circle time. The teacher even told me it was nice to have her during circle time because she felt like she was reaching one kid and that made her feel good. Butterfly is such a cute girl.

They all had super long naps today (3 hours for the boys and a hour for Butterfly). I also took a nap. I hate being sick.

Butterfly helped me make dinner tonight. We made creps. They were okay. I ran out of regular flour so we had to use my whole wheat flour and they were very dense. But good. She ate a ton.

Tonight, we will see if Butterfly will keep her bed dry in just panties! Wish us luck!



  1. Good Luck! That is such a huge step for everyone involved. I still have plastic sheets on all 3 of my girls beds, just in case.

  2. Good luck Butterfly! Sprout's been in panties at night for a long time now, but I still use a plastic sheet as she still has accidents. Now if only I could get her to do as well during the day . . .

  3. Aidan's had a couple accidents at night this week to. I do the plastic sheet thing too. Don't worry. They'll get it eventually.

  4. Good luck! I am so tired of pull ups at night. Especially because my first 3 kids were night trained when they were 3. Blah.

    I'm glad I could see you twice today!


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