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Monday, November 02, 2009

In Which...


Today is a day in which I over scheduled myself beautifully. For your perusal:

The day started later than I had hoped, 7:30am. I had hoped to rise by 6am with Juice. Juice did not get up at 6am; therefore, neither did I. Butterfly, however, did get up at 7:30am and so we started our day.

Playgroup for Butterfly this morning was great. We played outside. The boys went down Ms. K's really big slide by themselves. Shocked looks and a few shy smiles followed. Also, lots of giggling girls and eating mummy hot dogs and home made doughnuts. It was great. I miss weekly playgroup with these girls.

A prompt departure at 12:45pm in order to make it to the boys' 18 month old doctor visits. No matter that they are almost 19 months old. And no matter that this is the 4th time I've had to schedule this visit (first few times we were sick, then I was out of town). Arrival was prompt. Waiting room was full. The boys were charming. The rest of the visit as follows:

In which I was able to strip both boys to their diapers in less than 1 minute. The nurse timed me. He (the nurse) got a kick out of it and kept mentioning it.

In which Pirate weighs 24 lbs 1.5 oz, 33.5 inches long and has a nice 19 inch head. This puts him at 50th for weight, 95th for height!, and 75th for head.

In which Professor weighs 21 lbs, 5.5 oz, 32 3/8 inches long and another nice round 19 inch head. 5th percent for weight (yay we're back on the charts), 50th for height and 75th for head.

In which both boys had two shots, hib and flu. Pirate did not cry in the slightest. Professor screamed during the second shot but was mollified by his binky and sticker.

In which Butterfly also received a shot in the arm for the flu. She threw a hissy fit. A sucker and a sticker did not placate her. I finally had to yell at her and put her in time out in the doctor's office. Good times.

In which Pirate is probably going to have surgery!! He has a hernia that has not gone away. Off to Children's Hospital we go!

In which we spent almost 2 hours at the doctor's office.

In which I was grateful to have thrown Butterfly's dance clothes in the car on the way out. We got to dance class in time to have a milk shake (the boys drank most of mine) and go to class.

In which I came home to dinner done in the crock pot. I love my crock pot.

In which I am now pooped and need to sleep. Night!



  1. A hernia? Surgery? Ick!

    See you tomorrow! We'll talk it all over then.

  2. is it a belly button hernia? Nate still has an outie, so it makes me wonder sometimes.

  3. Aidan had a teeny hernia in his belly button but his healed by a year. My brother had to have surgery on his. Really common in boys. Poor little guy. I know it won't be fun but hopefully it will be a quick surgery and recovery.

  4. Wow, I'm very impressed. Good job, mama! I'd like to have even a particle of your organizational skills!

  5. I better feed my 5 yr old your 19 month olds are gaining on her! Poor Pirate hopefully everything will go well. Just hearing about your day made me tired.


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