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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Super Star!


Today was Butterfly's talk in church.  She did so good!  She got nervous right before and started crying.  A few minutes out in the hall, a promise of an ice cream sandwich at home, and she walked right up there like a champ.  I think she was expecting to say her talk right away.  When she didn't, she kind of broke down again on stage.  Poor thing.  Stage fright is real!  But she calmed down, was able to sing with all the other kids and then did her talk.  Because I've had several people ask me, I'll write it down here.

My Daddy fixes things that break.  Sometimes he uses glue to stick two things together.  After he uses the glue, things stay together.  Going to the temple is like glue for familes.  This temple glue helps keep our families together forever.  The Bible says, "Whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven (Matthew 16:19).  Being bound means sticking together like glue.  When my parents were married in the temple, they were stuck together by being sealed.  That special sealing means that my brothers and I are sealed to them too.  I am so glad I am sealed to my family.

While the take itself is very basic and easy (she's 4, it had to be!) her inflection was so good.  The primary president told me that she was the crowning jewel in their program and she seriously was.  She had it all memorized and only needed help with the bible verse.  She was clear, easy to understand, and had cute little ups and downs in her voice that really caught everyone's attention.  Seriously, everyone was quiet through her talk.  (Except for the boys...they could care less!  They were only mad that Juice left to go help her and wanted to go up there too!)

Everyone told her she did such a good job and talked about it in the other classes.  We had a visiting leader of our church there and she mentioned how wonderful her talk was and how special the little children are.  And they are.  Of course, it's hard to remember that when she's throwing a tantrum on the way home because she didn't want to go to church in the first place, but still.  She is wonderful.

Since she turned 4 and a half the other day, I thought I'd do a small update on her.  Like last year, it's in letter form.

Dear Butterfly,

You are changing so fast!  I love it and hate it at the same time.  I love that you are becoming a great little kid.  I love that you can climb all over the playground equipment at the park and I never worry about you.  I love that you recognize our street, Vinny's house, and a few other places by sight.  I love that you tell me that I have to go the speed limit in the car "Because it's good for you!"  But I hate leaving that baby behind.  Oh you still ask to be rocked in the rocking chair sometimes and you still are a great crier for every little tiny bump.  I just remember the first time you really smiled and I was so thrilled to see your deep dimples.  I'm so glad they have stayed since they will remind me of that moment every day.

You are so interested in friends these days.  Today at church, you sat in the hall with a friend from church who had an old cell phone to play with.  You sat next to him on the couch as close as you could, and laid your head on his shoulder to get a better look.  The two of you were giggling up a storm.  You turned and looked at me and told me he was your friend.  I'm so glad you have friends and that you want to have friends!

Your imagination has not slowed down.  In fact, I think it's picked up speed.  A few weeks ago, I showed you how I used to make a horse out of my hand to play with.  I remember riding in the car with the window down and my hand out pretending I had a pegasus on my hand.  I see you playing with the hand horse now whenever you are bored.  You play by yourself great but still can't stand to play with your brothers sometimes.  I think it's because they want to be independent right now.

I can't wait for you to start school.  I think you are going to have a ball being with friends all day and learning all sorts of cool stuff.  I'm sad that it is all day kindergarten here and that you will be away from me for 6 whole hours every day.  But I'm excited for you to do it!  You've loved being able to do your "homework" for our little preschool and are starting to get the concept of math.  You are doing great in your dance class and your teacher tells me you are always good to have around.

You love your daddy so so much that sometimes I feel a little left out of your secret circle.  But when I was gone for a few nights last month, you were very happy to see me.  You told me, "I had no one to talk to but Daddy, and he doesn't talk that much."  At least I know that you do love me for somethings!  You like your brothers sometimes but ask me several times a day if it's time for their naps.  It's hard to share all the time with them, I know.  They don't play how you want them to and tend to knock things over that you have made.  But be patient with them and you guys will be great friends in the future I hope.

Today in church, you gave your first talk in scarament meeting, in front of everyone!  I am so proud of you for doing that.  What a brave girl you are.  You even had your talk memorized and wowed everyone.  You looked so sure of yourself up on that stage.  I hope you always remember who you are.  You are a child of God, loved and adored by your family, and have a bright future ahead of you.  You can do anything you want and you will do great at it.

Thanks for being such a great daughter.  I love you tons.

Your Mommy 


  1. My kids loved her talk - they even made a video for her. I can't believe how big they're getting. School already - yikes!!

  2. She really was the highlight! I loved her talk!

  3. I love your letter to Butterfly. What a great way to mark the time as she grows up. I kow she will be able to feel your love for her as she reads this someday.


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