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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sunday Themed Videos


Two Sunday themed videos for you. First off: the boys folding their arms. I find this utterly adorable and just can't get enough of them doing it. Plus, I love Professor's laugh at the end. I think he got a kick out of the camera. Or it could be that he did not nap today (joy) and is a bit slap happy.

Next up is Butterfly and her Daddy giving her talk for church. Every year, my church does a program for all the little kids to talk about what they learned that year and sing the songs they learned as well. The primary presidency thought Butterfly's talk was so cute that they asked if she would mind talking in front of the whole congregation. I am nervous for her. But she's very excited about it! Yay for not having any stage fright! She has most of it memorized (as you can see in the video) and Juice will help her with the rest.

Apparently they had a practice in church today and she was helped by one of the leaders. Everyone in the room kept coming up to me and saying how cute she was with this talk. Hopefully she will do just as good next week! (Mom wish you were here to see this!)

My kids are so cute lately.


PS- Week two in nursery went okay. Professor leaned out of my arms into the nursery leader's arms and I turned and ran. Pirate was home with Juice (after a major diaper accident and no extra clothes in the diaper bag). Professor was just fine with nursery until Juice came to drop off Pirate. Juice ended up staying most of the time in there with them and I taught my class and went to the women's meeting by myself. It was awesome.

PPS- What kind of accident are you wondering? Juice took him to change his diaper. He took off the dirty diaper and then decided it was a good idea to rummage through the bag for some diaper cream. By the time he turned back to Pirate (with no diaper cream, my bag apparently needs to be restocked), Pirate had peed all over himself and ALL of his clothes. Great. He also came back to church in pants that looked like Capri's. Daddies are so great! ;) (Love you Juice.)


  1. George LOVED the "glue" story and wondered why "the brothers" couldn't be quiet when Computer Girl was talking - it's rude! Gotta love Kindergarten with all those rules :) Folding the arms is darling they are getting so big.

  2. Anonymous9:45 AM

    The children are being taught well. Thanks for sharing. Gma

  3. So cute! What good little boys. And great big sister. Sunday accidents always occur the one time I do not restock the diaper bag.


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