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Friday, November 27, 2009



Today was the day we pulled out the Christmas decorations! There aren't a lot, but it's enough to get me in the Christmas spirit. We didn't get everything all up but we'll do some more tomorrow. What we've put up: lights in the windows, the stockings, the Christmas card holder (with 2 cards from friends! Man they are on top of things.), and the tree. Still to put up: the little tree and the ornaments.

Juice was very good and pulled everything out of the attic, hurt and all. His hand was very swollen this morning. He went to bed early with a seized up neck. Poor guy.

We had the big tree unveiling with Butterfly this afternoon. She said, "Hello there! I missed you!" Juice and both laughed and she said, " I wasn't talking to you, Father. I was talking to the tree." This coming from the girl who used to say good night to the tree every day and prayed for it for months later.

Juice didn't want to pull all the branches down this year. I told him fine. We are not putting any ornaments on it so why bother making it look full? Now it looks like we have a really tall topiary in our living room though.

The boys were enchanted with it. Professor learned a few new words, "Lights! Tree! What's that?" (sounding more like "liiii! Teee! Wasat?" Pirate knew exactly where it was and kept breaking out into a fit of pointing and giggling every time he thought of it. He even played peekaboo with it around the corner. What can I say, we have an awesome tree.

Hopefully we'll finish up this weekend.


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  1. We're trying to pull our decorations out today, too. It all depends on my husband coming home early enough to get the boxes out of the attic.

    I am sorry to hear that Juice is still swollen and sore. Poor guy!


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