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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

When I Grow Up


Butterfly asked me today what I was going to do when I had no more kids. I thought about it for a second and figured I'd probably miss these days with the kids always with me. (But not yesterday!) I told her that I would probably be a grandma.

"No, you'd be a Nana," she replied.

"Yes, I will be a Nana."

"You can be the Nana in Maryland!"

"We may not live in Maryland by then honey," I answered.

"Well, I am going to marry Vinny (her best friend) and we are going to go live near Nana (my mom) because I love Nana and she loves me. We will live in Utah! You can't have two Nana's that live in Utah. So you will be the Maryland Nana and Nana will be Utah Nana."

"Okay then."

Seriously, what do you say to that? Besides, I think it's cute that she is planning her future. It will be fun to see how it turns out.

I guess it's made me think on what I will do when the kids are all out of the house. There will be no toys all over. Books will stay in bookcases. Buttons will not be pushed. Food will stay on plates. Shoes will always be put away. Boxes will not be played with. Book castles will not be built. Trains will not be formed on the slide. Hand mixers will not turn into cars and then into puppy dogs to be walked around the house by their cords.

Wait...they are growing up too fast!



  1. Don't you wish you could freeze time? Or invent a time machine so when you really wanted to go back to a time when your kids were little you could. I'm not looking forward to when Sprout is in school full time . . . two and a half hours for preschool is almost too much.

  2. I'm not ready yet either. My oldest did say he thought I would enjoy being a grandma. He's right.

  3. Luckily, you still have a little while. :) I love the fact that she thinks about marriage so much.

  4. Anonymous1:28 AM

    Life has many chapters. Enjoy each one while you are in it. I've had fun times with my children and many challenges, along with pleasant memories. Now, I love life and look forward to what lies ahead. Gma


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