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Monday, November 23, 2009

Thrifty Shopping


Where else can I go with my good friend Lolli on a rainy Monday morning and come home with 2 horses, 2 electrical outlet covers, one book and 7 movies (2 of which haven't even been opened yet!) and spend less than 20 dollars?  Our favorite thrift store Unique of course!

Pretty basic day for me.  Seriously, I'm at a loss of what to write about today.  Juice's input is that I should make a list of some kind.  Of how many times I said no.  Okay...

I tried...I just can't get ALL of them down.  It's too many to say.  Butterfly had a rough morning, and Pirate had a rough evening.  Professor has been my sunshine for awhile now.  He's so cute with his big dimple and happy face.  Butterfly this morning didn't want to go to the store and Pirate had a fascination with the dog food this evening.  And the dog water.  And shoes.  Yeah...  He also go a time out for whipping Butterfly with a toy, and then another time out for getting out of the time out spot.  Poor kid.

Anyone have one of those cool meme things that were floating around last year?  Anyone?



  1. I really scored today. Thanks for coming to Unique with me! I had a bunch of memes last year....you could always go scroll thru my posts from last November. I think there was a favorite things list that starts with a certain letter (I picked L). And there was a list of questions that I think you sent me....I'm pretty sure there were more, too! Maybe I should come up with my own questions to pass on to you!

  2. I love thift shops! Such fun to find deals!

  3. Wow! That is quite a haul for only $20.

    I laughed when I read about Pirate and the dog food. Sadly it was one of Georgia's main food groups during her second year of life. Dog hated it and she loved it. Our Shitzu is only about 9" tall so difficult to keep it out of Georgia's reach. We were very creative.

    She also loved putting the food in the water dish and then creating a horrible mess.



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