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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fun with Paint


My friend Lolli introduced me to a place called the resource center. We went once, Butterfly loved it, and so I joined. It's like a small preschool that the parents need to participate in. They have toys, books, puzzles, blocks, legos, dress up stuff, a big bin with fish tank rocks and funnels and spoons etc., a toy house with a kitchen and laundry and baby dolls and toy couches, play dough, paint, and a different craft project every week. They also have circle time with songs and books and little hand games. You don't drop your kids off, but they encourage you to play and enjoy the time you spend there. They do have 2 teachers that do circle time, help out, and answer any questions the parents have. They also have an extensive library of parenting books for the adults, and different parenting tips up on the wall. It really is a lot of fun. We've only gone a few times because Ed invaded our house right after we joined. But it's still so much fun and they do things that I refuse to do at my house. Like paint.

Butterfly discovered the easels and paint today, and had a great time making a very modern art looking painting. Don't you love her face...this is her new smile-at-mommy face. We also did the art project, played with play dough, played with rocks, played with potato head, the dollies, and sort of participated in circle time.

A lot of the songs ask the kids to stand up and do something (like jump) and then sit down. Butterfly will stand up, stand there scowling, and sit down. She is so funny. I really like going there because I feel like it gives her a chance to socialize and see how school might go (with a teacher leading some stuff, etc.) Now that we are better, we will try and go every week. Should be fun!


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  1. We love the Resource Center! I'm glad you guys had fun today (and that Ed gave you a little break). What an artist you've got!


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