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Sunday, November 25, 2007

It will heal!


Butterfly fell down today at church. She was running outside on our way out to the car. And boy did she fall. No face injuries but she got her knee (and her tights!) pretty bad. She immediately started to scream. The only thing we could get out of her is "It will heal! It will heal!"

Awhile back, she fell and skinned both knees badly. We cleaned her up, wrapped them up and told her they would heal. And every day when we changed the bandages, she would scream and we would tell her it will heal, it will heal. She still had a faint pink scar on one of her knees from that fall.

Of course, this happens to be the knee she fell and scrapped today. It's not as bad as the last fall was, but it's still pretty bad. She is milking it a little. She cries a lot and limps around the house. Now, when she forgets it's there, she runs and plays and does all her normal things. So really, it can't hurt that much. She's going to be fun the next couple of days while Juice is in Chicago, I can tell. Such a drama queen!


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