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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ed Must Die.


I am so sick and tired of Ed (aka the cough that would not die). Ed decided to make a trip to my parents' house with them, and well, Ed seems to have taken up house. They both have the beginning signs of pneumonia and are on major antibiotics. I am slightly happy Ed has decided to really start decorating at my parents' because it has been the only way I could convince Juice to go to the doctor. He will be making his appointment on Monday. Stupid Ed. Go away!

Running out of things to say this year so anyone have any questions for me? Anything?



  1. Boy! Ed's really doing a number on your family. I'm starting to think we were visted by Ed's brother Fred--still pretty nasty but not quite so lethal. I hope Juice can start getting better...your parents,too!

    As far as post ideas...my sister was just challenged to write 6 facts about herself (things she likes, habits, wishes etc). You could stretch that into a whole week of posts. Just a thought! :)

  2. Write a funny limerick using these words: wraps, snaps, schnapps.

    There was a disease named Ed,
    That everyone wished was dead.

    So we took all our drugs
    Drank water by jugs
    And coughed 'til we blew off our heads.

    Now you ;-)


  3. Okay, here's one for you. Besides marrying Juice what was the defining moment of your life? If you had picked the other choice what do you think your life would "look" like now?

  4. Ed sucks but hopefully he will be gone soon.

    Here's my question for the day - do you and Juice get much alone or "date night" time now that you have Butterfly?


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