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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Day 8. I think?


It's been an interesting day. Look, I actually have something to write about! I woke up in a start this morning because a man's voice was talking in the house. And it wasn't Juice's. I sat bolt upright from my very vivid dream (something about Juice chasing robbers out of our house with his swords in his robe...) and started to hyperventilate for a second. Then I looked at the clock. 3:32 am. I then wondered if the voice was not inside the house, but outside. It's very normal in the summertime for us to have a lot of people out on their decks having parties and drinking. That involves a lot of loud talking. And we hear it sometimes. Mostly it's in Spanish so I have no idea what they are saying. But this time, I understood the voice. So I took a moment to listen to see what they are saying. This is before I sent Juice downstairs in his robe with a sword. And this is what I hear:

"Has anyone seen a boat?!"

I flop back down on the bed and blow out the breath I had been holding. Butterfly has turned on her CD player with her Finding Nemo book on CD in it. She has been insisting to listen to this before bed off and on since she got it from my brother for her 2nd birthday. She loves the thing. But why is she listening to it at 3:30 in the morning? I hear her rolling around and sighing. Finally I hear her turning the pages of her read along book to the little tinkling ques. Great, she's fine. I can go back to sleep. Except now I have to go to the bathroom.

That taken care of, I listen to the book over the baby monitor. And I listen to it again. Sometime during the 3rd round she fell back asleep. No such luck for me. I sat there and worried. I considered getting up and going to watch tv downstairs. I considered turning the movie on in our room and watching that. I considered finding my book and reading for awhile. But that would mean I had to get out of the bed and all these things I just didn't want to do. So I just laid there. Very boring.

Somewhere around 6am, I finally fell asleep again. And it was not a pleasant sleep. I need to sleep more during the dark. It gets light too early now. And we have a 2 year old. Who wakes up on time at 8am. Even if she was up for about 45 minutes in the middle of the night. And even if she is so tired she is crying. Must. Play. Now.

A trip to the mall, to the craft store, and a 2 hour nap did nothing to improve her mood. So we made cookies with Juice tonight. They were great, but she was more interested in eating the chocolate chips than the cookies. Still, good wholesome family time was had.

And then I got a splitting headache and decided to write this and go to bed. Hopefully I will sleep more.


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  1. Aww! So sorry about your night! I must admit, I was cracking up about the boat comment, picturing drunk men out in your parking lot looking for their lost boat. And Juice fighting them in his bathrobe with the swords from the wall. Haha! I'm sure it didn't seem very funny last night....Strangely enough, I was up at 3:30 last night. I had to turn on some noise so I could tune out the usless thinking my tired brain was doing. Hopefully last night was better for you!


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