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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Trip with Parents


If I don't write this visit down, I will forget! Well, some of it anyway. We went to the pumpkin patch with my mom's group and had a pretty good time. It was very hot that day. And we got there before all the school groups showed up. Once they did, it was pandemonium! My dad was nice enough to run around with Butterfly, although he did leave her at the top of the slide. He slipped trying to get all ready for her and down he went. She got over it.

We traveled up to the outlet mall in Hagerstown and then to Antietam Battlefield. It was very interesting, but we didn't spend enough time there. Most of the day was spent buying a headboard for Butterfly's Christmas present.

On the weekend, we traveled a few hours south of us to go to Jamestown, VA. It's their 400th birthday, and we thought it would be nice to see sometime this year. It was very interesting, but very hot again. Juice doesn't care for historical stuff and combined with the humidity, he was pretty unhappy. But I enjoyed listing to the guides tell us about the archaeological digs they are still doing on the island (did you know it was an island?) and seeing the really old ruins.

After Jamestown, we ran over to Yorktown to see where the Revolutionary war ended. We happened to be there on the day it ended (Oct 19th) so we got in free! That place was cool and I wish we could have stayed longer but Butterfly had had enough.

From there, we drove to Chincoteague and spent the night. What an interesting little island. And it's bigger and has more stuff on it than I thought! We spent part of the day over at Assateague hoping to see some horses. We only saw them from afar, but we did go see the light house. We also spent a lot of time at the beach and just enjoyed the water. My mom dropped her purse in the ocean as I was trying to get a picture. It was pretty funny. Butterfly kept saying, "It's water! Not the ocean! The ocean is where Nemo lives." Apparently the ocean is only under water. :)

From there we tried to stop in Ocean City, MD but it was late and kind of cold and I didn't feel all that great. So we headed home. We should have taken some pictures of the bridge/tunnel that goes under/over the Chesapeake Bay on the VA side, and then again on the MD side. Very big!

And then, it was time for them to go home. We had a really nice time with them and I wish they could come back more often. Butterfly loved having a captive audience for all her cute stuff, and also someone who will read any book she brings.



  1. That sounds really awsome! I am glad you enjoyed your parents' visit! I get worn out reading about all your trips -- don't know how you do it?!

  2. Lol, Jill. I get worn out too! This was the last trip for awhile.


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