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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Butterfly the Engineer


Lately Butterfly is into building things. And she builds things elaborately. This is a bird house made out of books. Do you see the bird? Juice and I make them for her in church to keep her occupied. She LOVES them. She does everything with them lately. She even takes them with her to bed (which often results in her screaming in the middle of the night when one falls in the crack between the wall and the bed...)

Her other building love is airplanes with her legos. I am a terrible airplane builder but she loves Juice's concoctions. Sure sure kid, go with the professional aerospace engineer's planes. These planes fly around, shoot each other, rescue each other from the shooting airplane, dance, cry, and want their daddy airplane. Lots of fun, I'm telling you. (This is not my favorite game, I mostly listen to her and Juice duke it out. I typically make my plane crash so I don't have to play anymore.)

She also loves to do mazes which is a-mazing. Haha. (Can you tell I'm in a funky mood? It's all this cranberry fumes!) She has a coloring book of games and pictures and she latched on to the mazes and will actually do them. As in, take her pencil and draw through the maze without crossing the lines to get to the end. It's pretty impressive. Then she likes to do the maze over and over and over. Good times. Good times.


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