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Friday, November 02, 2007

All caught up...sort of.


When I got sick, I just couldn't haul myself out of bed to do much of anything. Meaning, I fed and changed Butterfly, but mostly lay either on the floor or on my bed semi wishing I would die or pass out. Something to stop the coughing! And then I started to feel better after a much needed trip to the doc and lovely pills to take. And then my parents came. We had a great time (still more to come on that!) and we were out all day every day.

And then I'm not sure what happened but I guess I just got out of the habit of checking my email. I mean, it had been 2 weeks, what could possibly go wrong with another week? When I finally did get to the computer, I had over 700 emails. Yikes. Not to mention over 300 items on my google reader to go through. So I had a lot of stuff to do. And I have been doing it! I'm all caught up on my emails and I only have about 100 things on my google reader to go through.

I guess the question is do I really want to go through these 3 blogs or should I take them out of my circulation? I never comment on them. I doubt they even know that I read, other than a hit to pump up their numbers. I obviously haven't missed their lives. I'm really debating on deleting them. But then I wonder what I would do if one of you readers who I don't know did that to me. Would I feel guilty? I don't know. What would you do?



  1. Wow! 700 e-mails? I'm so impressed that you got through that! As for the blogs...I'd say as long as they are not close friends that might feel hurt if they were deleted (which it doesn't sound like) then by all means, simplify your life and get rid of them! :)

  2. I've decided that phasing people out is totally okay. Just think less drama and those 20 minutes you would have spent reading those blogs could be spent somewhere else...playing with Butterfly, reading a book, kissing Juice...ya know be creative.


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