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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Things actually got done today!


The Cough That Won't Die (CTWD or Ed for short) really did a number on us. And I come to find out that my parents who were here while I was in the throws of it, took it home with them. Sorry, again. And sorry to whoever was on the airplane with them. And sorry to my mom's work. This is the worst cough ever and I had no wish to infect the west coast with it's ravaging croakiness. My dad's doctor seems to think his strain of Ed turned into pocket pneumonia. Yucky.

In any case, Juice went to work today only to come home and say he was not going tomorrow. Butterfly is still coughing but seems to be less and less. Ed is hopefully loosing it's grip on her and she will be better shortly. Me, I still have a small lingering cough in the morning, but nothing to stop me.

I've been trying to catch up on all the housework that went astray when Ed first joined us. I finally cleaned out the last of the shorts in Butterfly's drawers (left the short sleeve shirts because it's still fairly nice here). And this week I have been doing load after load of laundry. I finally am all caught up with it. I can take it out of the kitchen! Yay! I hate having our washer and dryer in the kitchen because there is no counter space to put things on while you're doing wash. I never thought I'd miss it but I did.

I also was able to get ink out of Butterfly's brand new winter dress. Juice let her play with one of his pens at church and she came away with a huge streak of ink down the front of her cranberry velor dress with a big cranberry bow in front. I was sad but resigned. I mean, what can you do with ink? Thankfully, the Master of Laundry (my Mom) was visiting us that day and she told me to put hairspray on it. Oookaay...I'd have to try that one out. And man, it worked! First I tested the dress for color fastness (wouldn't do to have the dress bleached out). I poured hairspray right from the bottle onto the stain and used cotton balls to dab up the ink. Came right out in a snap. The first dab took out most of the biggest stain, and 2 more dabs you couldn't even see it. I feel empowered by new found knowledge. Thanks Mom!



  1. Learned that hairspray trick from my mom too! :)

  2. Anonymous12:17 AM

    Yea, me!

  3. I need to remember that trick! Glad you are feeling better!

  4. My grandma taught me the hairspray trick and it's INVALUABLE!! Love that trick and glad the ink came out.

    Hope the cough goes away SOON!


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